Donation Wall

Donation Wall is the best choice to reach money for your cause.

This plugin is really simple to install, configure and use. Projected and developed for user with no coding knowledge let you to have on your website a form where people can donate money easily and safely.
But one of the best motivation to choose Donation Wall is… the donations wall. After you have installed it the plugin generates automatically a fantastic page with the list of all the persons who had donated something for you.

When a person decides to give something to you decide also if he wants to keep his identity hidden, or if he wants to hide the amount of his donation. Obviously you can decide if you want that this page is visible to you visitors or not.


You can manage everything using the back end.
If you go to

setting > FMF Donation Wall 

you’ll find a panel where you can decide:

  • Localization
    • Plugin language (available in English, Spanish and Italian)
    • The currency
    • Name of labels
  • Graphic
    • You can manage the css of the donation form
    • and also the css of the list of donors
  • Donations Wall
    • Manage the order of donors wall
    • And the number of donors per page
  • PayPal Setting
    • You can make your experiment using the SandBox before to go live, and in this page you can insert al the id you need.

You can also manage the Donors in Donation Wall.

  • You have the list of all the donor and you cad add directly somebody using the backend.
  • You can see Name, amount, Date of donation and the PayPal transaction code.
  • Obviously you can personalize your tabele going on “screen option” and check only the field you want to see.
  • You can decide also to exclude a donor from the wall simply with a check.

Donation Wall is absolutely free.

Enjoy this news experience!